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U.S. Sales & Marketing

How will an international seller promote products to U.S. consumers? The cost is prohibitive for many manufacturers to start a dedicated marketing team in U.S. That's where Mutustar comes in - with our years of U.S. marketing expertise, we provide non-U.S. sellers a one-stop marketing solution: Online sales, online/offline marketing, and in-person marketing. Please visit the relevant page for more details.

Retail Distribution

We help international manufacturers sell products through retail channels that include chain stores and malls. We will research and execute a retail strategy that best suits the client's products and budget needs.

Warehousing Services

What is the biggest obstacle for international sellers to compete for U.S. buyers? It is extended delivery and the lack of local customer service. Mutustar provides foreign sellers with U.S.-based warehousing storage, as well as related services such as shipping, returns, customer service and tech support. Please visit the relevant page for more details.

Branding & Publicity

Mutustar helps boost client’s brand exposure through media PR, influencer marketing, search engine marketing, social media operation, conventional media advertising, online advertising, etc. Please visit the relevant page for details.

Why Choose Us

We have more than a decade of experience in sales, marketing and warehousing in United States.

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You must have a million questions before enlisting our service to tap the U.S. market.

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Members of our management team each has had years of experience in his or her field.

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Always available to answer inquiries from foreign sellers or from U.S. buyers.

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